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More discrete problems

September 16th, 2007

I’ve added a collection of general problems on discrete probability from some old Course 110 exams (Course 110 was the probability exam two syllabus changes ago). These problems won’t go up on the main page until I am done with the solutions, and I often find some minor typos when working on the solutions, but here is a draft if you want to work on them now: Discrete Problems. For many of these problems, I have a copy of the solutions and not the original exam, so the questions are my attempt to reconstruct the original problem.


Recommended schedules

September 13th, 2007

I’ve made a recommended study schedule, as well as a shortened version that is a couple weeks shorter, and also written some general tips about using the seminar. These will be up on the main webpage shortly, but in the mean time, here are the the files for both the Condensed Schedule and the Standard Schedule, as well as an FAQ.