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Status/ Misc

June 27th, 2013

A lot of the material is currently out (see thread mentioned in blog below).

I still need to:
-produce manuals and videos for remaining regulation papers
-produce exam question/ solution files/ videos for 2012 CAS exam regulation questions
-produce notecards for all papers
(the above should be released in the near future)

-sample questions
-possibly concise summary outlines
-sample exam (will be released much closer to exam date)

Please remember to periodically check the errata spreadsheet

Also, if you have any questions, post to the TIA forum. I monitor all threads, and will post a response if no one answers correctly. I would encourage participation in this forum, as I think it will help better understand the material, which is critical, especially with the move to Blooms type questions.

Finally, remember to READ THE SOURCE MATERIAL. The manuals just focus on the material that I believe to be more testable.