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July 17th, 2011

If you have any questions, please do not post them to the blog, as we do not receive any notification. Just send us an email (angelo@theinfiniteactuary.com or ken@theinfiniteactuary.com).

Note that I have made some minor edits to some of the videos, so you may see them appear as “new”. Nothing major (no new content) – I just rerecorded a few sections. So far, I have modified Schedule F (video 4), Schedule P (1-3) and RBC (1 & 2). I may do some more in the future.

Finally, there’s one thing that I didn’t mention in the original recording of Schedule P (however it is mentioned in the new edition). This is regarding updating Part 2 using Part 1 data. Because Part 1 is net of tabular discounts, but Part 2 is gross of all discounts, we need to gross up the Part 1 data with the tabular discounts if they exist (in other words convert part 1 data to an undiscounted basis).

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