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Regulation and Misc Update

August 15th, 2011

I have 3 videos that I’m still working on that will be posted this week: A.M. Best 1, GAO, and RAND.  GAO and RAND will be really short.  Next week, I will post the remaining Government Programs video covering the Government Insurers Study Note.

I am working on two more sets of notecards, covering Reinsurance Accounting and the remaining Regulation topics.  These will also be ready next week.

In September, I will be posting memorization questions for my sections.  We will also be posting an original practice exam.

Some of you have requested a history of the articles from which past exam questions come from.  Angelo has sent me his list.  I’m having a little problem because of the syllabus turnover.  I will make sure to put something together when I get back from the live seminars in early September.  You really shouldn’t be taking practice exams until at least late September.

For the live seminar participants, you’ll need to bring a copy of the study manuals.  There is nothing new that is needed for the seminar, and that is why your live seminar tab on our website says that it is still under construction (there is no material posted to this page).  We might post information after the live seminar in this section.

There is a lot to learn on this exam.  At this point, if you get stuck, try to keep moving along.  You need to make it through the material.  Sometimes, it is easier to understand on the second pass.

Good luck studying.


Ken News

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