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Video status

As of 11AM PST Saturday 6/3:

The following videos have had updates (most minor) and can be considered to be “final”:

-Discounting (brand new video – study manual still needs to be uploaded)
-IASA14 video 1
-IEE video 2
-IRIS video 3
-IRS Discounting videos 1 & 2
-Schedule P video 2
-Surplus video 1

-IASA10 video 2
-IASA14 video 1
-IASA14 video 2
-Surplus 2009 video
-Taxable Income: 2 videos
-IEE: video 1

The following videos STILL need to be updated (all paper discussion, not exam discussion):
-Taxable Income
-Tax and Investment Strategy

Videos not mentioned above can be considered “final”

FYI I also still need to create videos discussing select 2011 exam problems.

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