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Changes between the 2011 and 2012 manuals

June 18th, 2012

For those of you have already have a printed copy of the 2011 manual….

The main changes that I made were to fix the errata that were published last year, and also to occasionally incorporate some of the material from my 2011 blog posts. If you noted all of these, your notes should be fairly up to date.

Apart from this, the changes/ updates included:
-COPLFR: quite a few sections were added to this. Worth reprinting

-Schedule F: >paragraph added to the end of pg1 about prospective
>paragraph added to the end of the final page

-Schedule P: pg 10: example added

-Notes: >discounting section removed
>pg 4: 2nd paragraph added
>section added to page 9 bottom

-Feldblum Discounting: new paper

-IEE: incorporated note from Feldblum addendum: changed “Agents Balances” to “AB – ceded reinsurance prem payable”

-RBC: >note added to bottom of pg8
>pg 18: added a note to the section comparing the interest income adjustments
>pg 21: added a note to bottom about credit risk
>pg 25 end of 2nd paragraph: added a section

IASA14: >small note added to bonds section
>SAP DTA valuation added

Defrain: pg 1: note added about market consistency

That’s basically it. There were a few other minor changes here and there that I made to the notes during 2011 and did not record.

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