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Status/ Live Seminar Plans

For information/ question about the status of the material, please see the “Fall 2014″ thread in the Introduction section of the TIA forums.

Regarding the Live Seminar, this year I am planning on holding just a 3  day live seminar (most probably 8-5 each day, including the final day). We will NOT be covering all of the material. In fact, I am just going to cover the accounting material. I plan on providing a very high level overview of select accounting papers, and spending some time discussing the difficult concepts from these papers. At least 40% of the time will be spent on questions (past exam questions and the sample questions), so we can discuss exam technique as well.

The seminar will be targeted towards those who have read ALL of the accounting material (since I will be skipping over a lot). You don’t necessarily have to have done all of the questions though. You may have a tough time keeping up if you have not covered all of the accounting material.

Finally, for those attending, I’d STRONGLY recommend assigning star ratings to the videos. That way, I can see what areas people are struggling with, and I will know to spend more time on these in the seminar.

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