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2 Reminders

January 20th, 2015

Hope the study is going well. 2 reminders:

-I’d appreciate if you can rate each video after you watch them. (1 star=”huh?”; 2 star=”kinda follow”‘; 3 star=”got it”). This gives me an indication of which concepts you are struggling with so I can create new and/or additional videos or material

-I’d strongly recommend making use of the TIA forum. There’s lots of good questions there which I believe will aid your understanding of the material (good for the BLOOMS questions), and also learn things about the readings that you may have previously overlooked. Reading the threads is obviously useful, but in addition to this, responding to threads is highly beneficial, as it gives you experience in essay type responses (not to mention I review all threads, and will let you know if there is a hole in your knowledge, ¬†or alternatively point out any factors that may cause you to lose credit if the response was an actual exam response)

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