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Updates 2016-02-16

February 16th, 2016

Most of Section C was posted over the last week.

ERA 1 - mostly unchanged

ERA 2.1 - new

ERA 2.2 - some additional material to add more detail

ERA 2.3 - mostly unchanged

ERA 2.4 - new

ERA 4.1 - mostly unchanged

ERA 4.2 - mostly unchanged

ERA 5.4 - mostly unchanged

Section 2.5 and the sections in 3 will be posted over the next week.


Updates 2016-02-01

February 1st, 2016

The Meyers material is now posted. 6 lessons of 2 hours.

The material changes from the draft manual posted last week to the final version are:

  • ODP - added descriptions
  • Data Sets - added descriptions
  • Results Graphs in Paid Analysis - added a comparison to the Mack results in each graph

Book 2 & Book 3 are now published.

For those that haven’t looked at the “Books” yet, these put the manuals from several papers into one large document.  They are about 200-300 pages each.

The Manual Only version just has the instructional material without the exercises or past exam problems - these are about 100 pages each.

For anyone starting on the Section C material;  I removed all the material from last year that is no longer on the exam.  The only papers left are also on the exam this year.  You can use this material now.

There are 6 questions on the forum that I haven’t gotten to - I’ll get to those in the next day or two.  The forum is the best place to ask questions - I answer right away if it’s something I can do on the fly.  If it takes a little more research, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days.