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2019 Course - Welcome!

December 27th, 2018

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 2019 TIA CAS Exam 7 course!

The manuals and lessons are nearly completely updated now. The pending ones are the new paper Taylor, which should be ready around January 15th.
Verrall and Sahasrabuddhe are also pending - I’m rereading the source, to see if I want to make any updates to those manuals and lessons. These will be ready in the first week of the new year. I’ve left the 2018 versions up until the new ones are ready.

A recommended study schedule has been posted under Other Info / Books -> Study Tools.

For those who took the course last year, I’ve also published a document that points out any changes in the material from last year. This is in Other Info/Books -> Study Tools.

The Manuals and Lessons are prepared with the goal of explaining the concepts to you. These have the most value where the material is particularly technical, difficult to read or follow, or lacks context.
There are a number of exercises for each paper, and the past problems are also included in the manual.
I also prepare “Books” that are just the manuals for several papers into a single pdf, so you can download and print. These are ideal for binding. These will be ready the first week of January.

For the Review stage of preparation, there are three types of material for you to use:
- Flashcards
- Review Notes
- Past/Practice Exams

The Review Notes are intended to cover the major points of each paper, in just a few pages - including major concepts, lists, algorithms, and formulas. These are not explanatory documents, but rather intended for review. I like this, because I can review the entire contents of a paper relatively quickly. It’s also a good source for looking things up.

I’ll be on the forum nearly daily; and should be able to get back to you within a couple of days, if not sooner. This may be delayed when I’m traveling. I’ll post travel on here a week in advance.

Good luck! I look forward to helping you pass exam 7.