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January 8 Update

January 8th, 2019

All of the manuals and lessons are up, except for the new Taylor paper.
The Books have also been published. The purpose of the books is to put a bunch of papers together into a single PDF for easy printing. They are about 300 pages each, for easy binding at your local print shop.

The books have the following papers:
Book 1 - Week 1
Book 2 - Week 2 & 3
Book 3 - Week 4 & 5 (this book is pending on the Taylor manual)
Book 4 - Week 6 & Goldfarb
Book 5 - ERA papers (Weeks 7-9)

I’ve also posted a version of each book with just the Manual (no exercises or past exam questions)

Verrall has been completely rewritten. I finally took a couple of classes on Bayesian statistics, including Bayesian MCMC. The new manual and lessons do a better job at explaining the underlying material.

I’ll be writing the manual for Taylor, and creating the lessons over the next couple of weeks.

The forum has been pretty quiet lately - I check everyday for questions.