C.2 lesson updates underway

With the addition of a spreadsheet tool for use during the new CBT style MAS-I, we now have access to functions that can precisely compute many probability distribution values.

Last fall, I created a series of quick example lessons that live in the prerequisite material section of the course to illustrate how several of these spreadsheet commands work.   I also updated the video solutions from the Fall 2019 MAS-I exam to include spreadsheet methods.

Although there are various places throughout the course where these new methods can be helpful, by far and away the section where they appear most is C.2, Hypothesis Testing.

Today I began rolling out updated versions of the C.2 lessons that take advantage of these new spreadsheet functions.  I uploaded a new C.2.0 lesson which serves as a quick overview of C.2, as well as two new lessons C.2.1a and C.2.1b which are replacements for the old C.2.1 lesson (and some of the content on the current C.2.2, which will itself be replaced soon).

These are also just better lessons, as the explanations have been improved from having addressed questions that students have had about the old lessons in the forum over the past couple of years.

I have already completed updating all of the video solutions in the entirety of the C.2 section to include spreadsheet computational methods wherever needed.

My plan, for now, is to continue updating the C.2 lessons.  Once that is finished, I’ll move on to updating the video solutions for any sample exam problems for which spreadsheet methods would be helpful or more efficient.