C.2 Updates complete

I have completed updating the C.2 lessons, summary sheet and flashcards.   This also included updating the problems, solutions and video solutions as well.

The update both added the use of spreadsheet commands to do probability and critical value computations throughout, and also made significant improvements to the explanations and the choices regarding what to explain.

Even if you have watched the old C.2 lessons, I would suggest watching these new ones and planning to incorporate spreadsheet computations into your practice on hypothesis testing problems.

I do plan to update the C.2 review lesson, as well as to review all of the solutions to the sample exam problems to incorporate spreadsheet techniques.  Since these are tools that are more widely used in the weeks leading up to the exam, my goal is to get these rolled out by late March.

I’m also hoping to update a few other lessons to incorporate more spreadsheet techniques over the next few weeks.