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2012 updates – 2010 exam solutions

March 14th, 2012

I recently started making the 2012 updates to include the solutions to the 2010 exam problems. It will probably take another week to finish this project.

I made a few minor changes today:

  • I updated Vesting Rules – Problem Review F (item E.1.P.F) to include solutions for 2009 exam problems 1 and 2, which were missing.
  • I revised my discussion of page 2 of the 401-414 overheads (item A.1.2.A) to clarify the recent syllabus changes that moved IRC 415 and IRC 416 from EA-2A to EA-2B.
  • I added part 5 of the IRC 415 discussion (item L.1.5), which I had inadvertently left out.