TIA Online Course Offering and Free Extension Policy – Spring 2019 – Spring 2021

As you are aware, the SOA has announced big changes for the Group Health FSA track, beginning in Fall 2019.  (See more details here:  http://theinfiniteactuary.com/blogs/exam_gh_dp/?p=14)

This post is designed to help answer questions about what TIA will offer for its online courses during this time period and how the one-time, free six month extension will work if a student doesn’t pass their exam.

Transition Process

Our intent is to continue to provide our excellent support and services to students in all different scenarios of this transition, whether you’re just starting your FSA process or finishing up with pieces of transitional credit.  We also strive to make the extension policy as fair as possible to students in every situation.  We understand that changes in the exam system can be stressful and cause anxiety, and we are doing everything we can to help you through this journey.

New Syllabi for DP and FV – not yet available

The new syllabi and course structure for the DP and FV exams have not been released yet by the SOA, so we don’t have information about the actual content of the exams.

Online Course Offerings and Extension Policy

Please see the attached file below, as it may be easier to see things graphically than to try to explain every scenario in words.


As always, if you have questions, please email me at derek@theinfiniteactuary.com.



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