CBT practice exam updates

Today we posted 2 CBT practice exams in the Supplementary and Review Material section.

The first exam is a “CBT-ized” version of the actual spring 2020 exam given by the SOA in July 2020. This was the last exam given under the previous handwritten format, but we converted it to a CBT version in Word and Excel and also combined the morning and afternoon sessions into a single session so that it functions exactly like the new CBT format. We also replaced a few question parts related to material that was dropped from 2020 syllabus so that the exam remains 100% on syllabus for practice this year.

The 2nd practice exam is a TIA-unique exam that is also in the CBT format.

We strongly recommend saving these exams to work after you’ve covered the entire syllabus thoroughly. We are also working on adding more CBT practice exam resources later this sitting, including solutions to the fall 2020 LFMU exam given by the SOA.