Thoughts on the Prometric CBT exam experience

I recently joined two of our other instructors, Zak Fischer and Derek Brace, on a recorded Zoom call to talk about the Prometric exam experience so far as well as other topics listed below. You can check it out on YouTube. Let us know if there are other topics or questions you’d like us to talk about sometime!

  • Overall thoughts on the first sitting of FSA Prometric Exams
  • Special characters in file names / upload problems
  • “Reading period” / “break” / time available for exam / different time slots 
  • Overview of existing resources available to help prepare for CBT exams
  • Key takeaways from the TIA survey
  • How does the change to CBT exams impact time management?
  • Role of Excel
  • Typing formulas in Word
  • Looking towards future sittings: how might the Prometric FSA experience evolve over time
  • How FSA exams are different from preliminary exams