Miscellaneous edits to calculation-based lessons

This sitting I’m doing an “audit” of a lot of the audio in various lessons. This is mostly to edit miscellaneous comments I’ve made in the past about using Excel vs. an SOA calculator and to throw in perspective on Excel-based calculations here and there. So you may notice that various videos will show that they’ve been updated in the course layout. In the event that there is a correction or a change to something on an actual slide, we will also note that in the Revision History and Scheduled Updates spreadsheet.

We’re also in the process of adding more supporting Excel files for many of the calculations you’ll encounter in the lessons. These Excel files will be placed near the consolidated handout files in each section. 

This work is just part of our ongoing effort to iterate over the course and polish it by adding more supporting materials. You can just continue proceeding through the course at your planned rate, but if you have any questions, let us know!