Welcome to the 2009 TIA ILA-DP Seminar!

Thanks for your interest in our seminar for this year.  We hope that you will find our seminar helpful as you prepare for this exam.  There is a ton of material to cover, but fortunately most of it is pretty straightforward.

As in the past, we will cover all of the material in the syllabus in both our online seminar and the live seminar.  We have combined material that appears in multiple places of the syllabus to avoid repeating information.  We provide numerous exam-type practice problems, along with detailed solutions.  We also give you exam tips on how to take the actual exam and spend your time wisely.

Some new features for this year:

  • Drill problems at the end of each section, designed to help reinforce the material from each section.  These will be focused on the calculation-based questions so that you can be ready when these questions show up on the exam.
  • Video solutions to the past DP exam questions.  This will help you see how to approach the questions and how to maximize your score on the exam.

Feel free to email either of us with any questions about the seminar!

Good luck with your studying!!

Jeremy and Anita