Welcome to the 2010 ILA-DP-C Seminar [Canadian]

I’d like to echo Jeremy’s welcome to those taking the Canadian exam as well.  I will be instructing the Canadian-specific content on ILA-DP-C.  When I make posts here, I will put [Canadian] in the title of the blog post to indicate that it pertains only to the Canadian exam.  If you aren’t taking the Canadian exam, you can safely skip over posts with [Canadian] in the title.

All of the “dropped” material that Jeremy mentioned in his introductory post was dropped from the Canadian exam as well.  So you can safely skip that material if you’re already looking at the 2009 version of the seminar.

For 2010, the most notable change on the Canadian syllabus is a brand new version of the Canadian Taxation of Life Insurance textbook (now on the 5th ed.).  Fortunately, there were not any signfificant changes to the material in the prior edition. The exam committee did, however, add one new chapter on trusts.

I will be posting new versions of all of the Canadian-specific material this year in our new widescreen format.  If you took our ILA-CSP-C seminar in the spring, you can expect it to look like that.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and good luck!

Welcome to 2010!

Just a quick note to kick-off the 2010 exam seminar for ILA-DP.  It seems way too early to be thinking about the fall exams, but they will be here before we know it (unforunately).

At this point, I have started working on the new material for 2010.  Overall, there is not a lot of new material, so most of the lessons will remain the same as the 2009 version that is already available.  Section E (Marketing) will have some changes, but it’s mostly just in the way the material is organized. 

There will also be some new sections added for the new material, with the biggest addition being the Variable Annuities material.  The good news is that there will also be several sections removed from the syllabus.  Thus, if you have already started looking at the 2009 online seminar, you can ignore the following sections:

  • B.2.2 – Dynamic Policyholder Behavior in Pricing of VA’s 
  • B.2.3 – Managing Variable Policyholder Behavior Risk
  • B.2.4 – Valuation of Living and DB guarantees for VA’s
  • D.3.1 – Pitfalls in Indexed Products
  • D.3.2 – Variable Annuity Risk

I will be posting updates as the 2010 material is uploaded, but until then, Happy Studying!!