Next steps for our LPM course

I’m naturally getting a lot of questions from everyone eager to start studying the new LPM syllabus, so I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s in place now, and what to expect in the near term.

What we have in place right this moment in the LPM course are only those lessons based on readings that got carried from LP to LPM. This covers about 1/3 of the total LPM syllabus. In the coming days (most likely by this Friday), I am going to start rolling out brand new detailed study manual content and video lessons covering the asset and portfolio management readings on the new LPM syllabus. This first rollout should finish up around May 17 and will comprise a lot of new material.

I’m going to recommend that people focus on the asset material until we finish filling in the rest of the new LPM material and finalizing the layout. Once we’re done, the asset material will actually be in the final section, so anyone who gets an early jump will have already seen it by the time they cycle through the rest of the syllabus. The existing LP lessons will also be reordered into the new LPM layout so they fit logically within the new syllabus.

Please understand that the existing LP lessons available are still arranged based on the old LP syllabus, and we will be recommending an optimal order to study these lessons within the new LPM syllabus. Once all updates are made, you will have a single contiguous LPM course that flows in an order that we believe is the most optimal to study the readings.

For anyone that wants to get a very early start in May, I think focusing on the asset material will work out well because it is fairly self contained—and also pretty interesting since it’s a bit more “prelim-like” in terms of the math and financial concepts. I am very happy with how these new lessons are turning out.

Ultimately, it is totally up to you when you start. There will be plenty to work with whenever you are ready. The nice thing about our course is that you’re guaranteed 6 months access, so you will get all the updates for fall no matter when you start between now and the exam.