Upgrades to Seminar for Fall 2019

We posted a few bonus items to the course and I wanted to document them here:

1. TIA LAM Formula Sheet – the TIA LAM formula sheet is now posted in the supplementary materials section of the seminar! Keep in mind to read through page 2 for our recommendations on approaching the formula sheet
2. Importance Sampling Example – we thought it would be helpful to give a concrete example of importance sampling. We added a video series and spreadsheet example to illustrate simulation under standard monte carlo simulation and using importance sampling as a variance reduction technique for out-of-the-money puts. Hopefully this concrete example helps solidify your understanding of this topic! This is located in the supplementary materials section of the seminar
3. LAM-117 KRD Drill Problems – we added a drill problem set on this reading
4. LAM-135 Intro Video – this is the most minor of the four changes. We made a short intro video for this reading

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the seminar! I think this is likely the last update for this sitting. For next sitting, our main goals will be to add a third practice exam and many more drill problems. Good luck on the exam everyone!