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2011 exam solutions – completed

August 31st, 2012

I have completed the 2011 exam solutions. I uploaded the PDF file to the Infinite Actuary web site.

If you did not take the 2011 exam last year, I recommend that you NOT look at the 2011 exam yet – save this file for future reference.

Set up a reminder to go off on October 20, 2012. This gives you time to learn the EA-2A materials first. About a week before the 2012 exam, you should take the 2011 exam as your “final exam”.


2012 EA-2A syllabus released

August 20th, 2012

The 2012 syllabus is now available on the SOA web site:

Here is a rundown of the various changes …

Excludes changes due to MAP-21

Suggested Readings now includes ERISA section 206(g). This is nothing new, since section 436 of the Internal Revenue Code has provisions that are parallel to the provisions in section 206(g) of ERISA.

Cutoff date for Internal Revenue Code is May 31, 2012

One item was added to the reading list:

Added new exam condition 45, which is the same as EA-2B exam conditions 31 and 32:
(45) Unless otherwise specified, AFTAPs have been certified on a timely basis. The plan has provisions for automatically restoring accruals ceased due to the application of IRC section 436, to the extent permitted by regulations, and the plan’s actuary has provided the required certification to permit such restoration.

Renumbered prior exam conditions 45-56

Updated table of limits for 2012


IRC 436 overheads

August 3rd, 2012

Somehow these were left out of the files I posted to Section A of the online seminar on July 31, 2012. I have updated the complete set of overheads to include IRC 436. I also added a new file with only the IRC 436 seminar overheads, plus some IRC 436 practice problems.