TIA Study Beta

TIA Study Beta Blog HeroWe are excited to announce The Infinite Actuary’s Study app beta release. We’ve rebuilt our entire interface to create a modern, consistent experience everywhere, using a desktop pc or a mobile device, and either connected to the internet or offline. The technology underlying this new platform will also allow us to release updates and new features more quickly and simultaneously for iOS, Android, and the web.

As always, our focus is on simplifying the studying experience and providing the best tools to help you reach success. TIA Study beta has three major sections: Learn, Review, and (for preliminary exams) Practice.

Learn contains the features from our old video lessons platform and adds

  •  Simplified lesson browsing
  •  New video controls
  •  Ability for users to create and edit lesson bookmarks
  •  Access Lesson handouts from within the app
  •  Quick chapter and lesson progress views
  •  More flexible search results

Review is a complete rethinking of our previous standalone flashcard app, including

  • Daily Inbox that will show you exactly which cards to review using a spaced repetition algorithm
  • Robust and easier to use lesson browsing
  • Easier tagging and tag editing
  • Smart filtering based on card status
  • Ability for users to create and save filters
  • Intuitive progress display

For Preliminary exams, Practice takes over from our old standalone practice app, adding

  • User AI score to measure mastery level
  • Guided practice algorithm expands to mobile platforms
  • Robust and easier to use lesson browsing
  • Smart filtering based on problem status
  • Ability for users to create and save filters
  • Intuitive progress display
  • More detailed history view including Quiz history
  • Coming soon: Sample Exams!

We think this beta version of TIA Study already brings a significantly improved experience to all our users. But this is only the beginning.   We have a long list of new features in the works, including:

  • “Today” view study scheduling system
  • “Progress” section with robust history and mastery measures for chapters and sections
  • “Communication” section, including a complete overhaul of the existing forum.

We have lots of other ideas too, but we also want to hear from you.  What do you want us to add to TIA Study?

Start using the app on the web now and get it on your Android or iOS devices today, and let us know what you think.  As always, thank you for choosing The Infinite Actuary.