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Welcome to my new toy. I am still trying to figure out what the best way to use this blog is, but part of the point will be to answer frequently asked questions, give advice and make other announcements.

The first recurring question is where are solutions to the problem sets? Problem set solutions are hosted on our alternate sites, tiavideos1 and tiavideos2. The first time you use one of those sites, you may need to contact Customer Service to get a password. The alternate sites also have both QuickTime and Windows Media versions of all lessons, while the main site often only has the QuickTime version.

On the subject of solutions, most of the calculus review sections will probably only have written solutions because there isn’t much value of a video of me telling you that the derivative of x^2 is 2x. I might make an exception for the 2-dimensional integrals section as pictures are important there.

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