Study Schedule – Week 13 (Final section)

This week’s study schedule covers the remaining items on the syllabus.  These last few sessions cover a variety of items related to Regulations, which are included in Section F of my outline.

Here are the specific sessions in this week’s schedule:

ILA-D800 — General Nonforfeiture Approaches (F.2.1)

ILA-D801 & 802 — Standard Non-forfeiture Laws (F.2.2)

ILA-D110 — Policyholder Dividends (F.3.1)

ASOP 1 — Non-guaranteed Elements (F.3.2)

LIMRA Chapter 7 — Illusrations (F.4.1)

LIMRA  Chapter 8 — NY 4228 (F.4.2)

Hope to see many of you in Boston in just over a week!


Study Schedule – Week 12

The next phase of the study schedule will be to cover the information found in the textbook “Life Insurance and Modified Endowments.”  Some of this textbook is pretty boring to read and there is quite a bit of information that I don’t think will be on the exam.  Thus, I would not get too caught up with all of the details that are provided (especially in chapters 3 & 4).

Here are the chapters of Life Insurance and Modified Endowments that I recommend you cover in Week 12:

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Life Insurance Taxation (F.1.1)

Chapter 2 — Qualification as Life Insurance (F.1.2)

Chapter 3 — Assumptions under 7702 & 7702A (F.1.3)

Chapter 4 — Benefits under 7702 & 7702A (F.1.4)

Chapter 6 — Specific Products under 7702 & 7702A (F.1.5)

Chapter 9 — Review of Tax Policy (F.1.6)

If you read through the chapters fairly quickly, you should be able to complete these lessons in a week or so.

Good luck with your studying!


Recordings are Finished!!

Thanks to a long weekend of recordings and a lot of work by Day, all of the recordings are now finished and posted for the online seminar!! 

I will be posting the remaining study schedule in the coming days, so hopefully this gives you plenty of time to review all of the information before the live seminar in Boston in a couple of weeks.

After the live seminar, I will be posting some practice questions that can be used to help prepare for the exam.  These will be more exam-based questions rather than strictly calculation questions.  I will also provide a grading outline that you can use to evaluate your answers.

Good Luck with your last 2 months of studying!