Remove Session B.2.4.b

Good News!! There’s less for you to remember for the exam.  Actually, the syllabus didn’t change, but there is some information that I included in the online seminar that is not on the syllabus for 2008. 

Section B.2.4 (Valuation of Living and Death Benefit Guarantees for VAs) covers the entire study note, but the syllabus only covers through page 15 of the study note.  Thus, you can ignore all of Session B.2.4.b and the last few lines of Session B.2.4.a.  You can end the session right before I talk about “Grouped vs. Seriatim Data.”  

The section that has been eliminated begins on the middle of page 43 and goes through the end of page 45 on the outline of Section B.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully it’s good to be able to eliminate something from your study plans!


Live Seminar – What to Bring

As we get closer to the Live Seminar (only a little over a week to go), I wanted to give you an idea of what you may want to bring with you to St. Louis.

First of all, please note that the dress is casual.  We want you to be able to learn as effectively as possible, so please feel free to dress comfortably.  The only request is that you don’t wear something that would be distracting to others.

In terms of actual study materials, you will want to bring a printout of the handouts that we will be using in the seminar.  (Hopefully, you’ve already received information about the handouts, but if not it should be coming soon.)  I will be providing several “homework” probelms, so you should also bring a calculator to help with these.

I am often asked about whether students should bring the original source materials.  Some students like to bring their textbooks along so that they can review the source material and ask specific questions.  However, it’s probably not very feasible to bring all of your textbooks (especially with airline restrictions on weight). 

I would probably say that you should only bring a text book if there are specific items that you found confusing or if you want to ask some specific questions about the texts. 

I hope that helps as you begin your final preparations for the Live Seminar in St. Louis.