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Spring 2021 Sitting Status

December 16th, 2020

Note from the TIA forum (https://www.theinfiniteactuary.com/mb/viewtopic.php?f=712&t=64338)
I’ll post further updates directly to this thread in the forum

“I will be using this thread to post general status updates and other admin related details about the Spring 2021 material.

Note that the website currently includes material for the current (2020 sitting). Since candidates will be taking the exam up until 12/31/20, I will keep this material up for the remainder of the year.

The CAS recently published the 2021 syllabus, and there were many changes. I am in the process of incorporating these, and expect to begin releasing the updated material (manuals and videos) early January.

In the meantime, it would be very helpful to get an early start, due to the large volume of material in this exam. Since the Odomirok text (which makes up a large portion of the exam) was updated, I’d recommend holding off on using the manuals/ videos until they have been updated. But there is more than enough source material to get through in the meantime to keep you busy.”

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