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Updates 2016-01-27

January 27th, 2016

I’ve posted a near final version of the Meyers manual - it says Draft since I may make changes to it as I record the lessons, but it is of the same quality as a finished product.

Apologies for getting this one out late.

The last 4 papers that haven’t been posted are all from ERA - I’ve read them all, and don’t expect to have any issues in getting those posted quickly. I expect to to have them all up by February 15th.


Updates 2016-01-12

January 12th, 2016

Book 1 is available now.
It has all the readings for weeks 1 and 2 in one place, along with exercises and past problems.
I like to print this, and put tabs between the sections, and bind it at Fedex Office.

There is also a version with just the Manual.


Section A - More uploads

January 6th, 2016

In the last couple of days, the following lessons were uploaded:
Verrall, Siewert, Teng & Perkins

Meyers and Goldfarb are up next.

There were significant changes to:
Siewert - Lesson 2 (almost completely redone) & 3 (added Table M material)
Teng & Perkins - Lesson 4 - redid the CPDLD commentary from Feldblum
Verrall - Lesson 2 - new way to calculate gamma added



Section A Uploaded (mostly)

January 3rd, 2016

Most of the material for Section A is updated on the site. I will leave material from 2015 under the “2015″ headings until it is replaced. I watched every lesson, and looked for any errors in the videos, and made corrections.
For the most part these are minor corrections or replacement of “pop-ups” with new audio. For some videos, with the goal of improving clarity or adding material, there is a significant change. I’ll list that below. Also, the 2015 exam problems are added to the manuals.

You’ll see the recommended study schedule is also posted. This year I’ve broken the material out into 9 weeks of reading, starting January 18th. If you start a week earlier, you can take a week off in the middle if you like.

Still pending for Section A/B are papers where a specific recommendation was made last year to improve the material - I’m almost done with these, and expect to release them later this week - Siewert, Verrall, Teng & Perkins.

Notice this year I moved Goldfarb up to week 1. It has no dependencies on material in Section A, and it worked out to be a good spot for it.

I’m still finishing up the Meyers material, and expect to have that up early next week.

Feel free to start asking questions in the forum - I’m monitoring them on a regular basis now.


Major Changes to Video Lessons
Mack (2000) - section on strengths and weaknesses
Hurlimann - Added Section 7
Shapland Leong - Lesson 5 - Box & Whisker Plots
Sahasrabuddhe - Lessons 3,5 & 6 significant portions are new